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Michael Latter & Mosaic Press: 40 Years of History

Michael Latter

Michael Latter was born in London, Ontario. A graduate in journalism from Sheridan College, Latter went on to be the Assistant Editor of the newspaper in Dryden, Ontario and editor of Heartland Northern Digest. One of Mosaic’s first publications back in the mid-’70s was Latter’s intriguing and fascinating collection of poems entitled Lizard on the Scalding Stone. Latter’s first published collection of poems, it received numerous glowing reviews:

“Lizard on the Scalding Stone shows proficiency in rhythm and imagery…”

Ottawa Citizen

“In this slim volume, Michael Latter lifts the ordinary and illuminates its conditions at a poetic height. Through understatement and the correct choice

of imagery, many of the poems become sympathetic portraits reflecting the joys and tragedies of life…the poet has carefully controlled style, with few excess words or emotions…this is a book you can identify with easily and enjoy.”

Canadian Author and Bookman

“A poet of the future, get aquainted.”


Lizard on the Scalding Rock Michael Latter                                                                                              Lizard on the Scalding Stone, 1975













Now some forty years after we published his first book of poems, Mosaic Press is pleased to release Manitou Chronicles, a new collection poems that celebrates the exceptional writing of  Latter, who sadly passed away in 2013. This collection collects his poems about the Canadian North, uncovering the special beauty of the place prompted by his lengthy stay in this land.

When Mike originally submitted the manuscript for this new collection, he included a CD with recordings of himself reading all the poems in the collection along with the introduction by George Coventry. Below are audio samples from that CD; the Introduction along with the first three poems. Click on the book cover if you would like to order the book.

On Saturday, June 20th at 2:00pm at the Leacock Café in the Leacock Museum, friends, family and colleagues will join together to celebrate the life and work of Michael Latter with afternoon of poetry and music. All are welcome.

                                                                          Manitou Chronicles, 2015









Track 01 – Introduction

Track 02 – Northern Journey

Track 03 – First Man

Track 04 – Wolf Kill

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